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Thoughts: Sang-Froid.


Note: Sang-Froid is technically a beta right now, but it’s scheduled for release on Steam in March and you can already pay for it and get it downloaded to your computer so I don’t think I’m being too unfair reviewing it as a finished product. Hell, I even overlooked the two CTDs I got while playing it.

Sang-Froid is a tower defence-cum-RPG game that both looks and plays like a game from 1999. In the latter case, though, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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Thoughts: Toy Soldiers.

I’m struggling to come up with something to say about Toy Soldiers. It’s a game that almost goes out of its way not to elicit any emotions from the player, which is kind of odd given its choice of World War I as a setting. World War I is not a conflict often visited by games, and this is probably because it’s difficult to design a game set amidst the stark horror of the trench warfare in no-man’s land when WW1’s younger, more attractive sibling is right there in the sunny Normandy bocage. There’s little strategy to human wave attacks and no real latitude for the ludicrous acts of personal heroism that FPSes are so enamoured with, and so the only thing you can really do with a World War I setting is make a tower defence game out of it.

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Thoughts: Defender’s Quest.

A slight scheduling snafu means today’s article isn’t quite ready yet, so I’m swapping it with Tuesday’s. Tune in tomorrow if you want to read science!

This isn’t really a genuine review of Defender’s Quest. A genuine review would outline all – or at least most of – the specific reasons why you personally should or should not buy the game. However, the existence of this excellent browser-based demo makes a genuine review of Defender’s Quest entirely pointless. (Go ahead! Play it! It’ll even let you export your demo save to the full game if you end up liking it so much that you buy it!) Instead, I’m going to spend this column space writing about why I personally like Defender’s Quest, and why it is an outstanding example of – not to mention an excellent take on – the tower defence genre.

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Thoughts: Unstoppable Gorg.

Just one thing before we start:


Right, now that’s out of my system we can get on with the review.

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