I am slightly astounded that this blog has been going on long enough that I have to update this page, but it’s been three years since I set up shop and my life circumstances have changed somewhat in the interim.

When I started The Scientific Gamer back in 2012 I was a newly-minted Astrophysics Ph.D looking for employment in science outreach. I also happen to really, really like games, and so I decided to start a blog where I wrote about both. Initially I had plenty of time to do so, however a year later I got a job at a mid-sized games developer in Oxford and, after a fair bit of meandering around various parts of the company, ended up working as a data engineer in their analytics department.

“What’s a data engineer?” you might well ask; the answer is somebody who deals with the design and development of large-scale data pipelines designed to move and store hundreds of gigabytes of data at a time. This unfortunately has little to do with science. It has a lot to do with coding, and I’m getting sufficiently comfortable with it that you might see a post or two about data science theory and/or certain hobby projects I plan to attempt during the coming months, but the time available to me to research and write about science in a concise and understandable way has been cut almost to zero – which is why science-themed posts are few and far between these days. I still play a lot of games, however, and I don’t intend to ever stop, so keep watching this space if you’re interested in my opinions on whatever I happen to be sinking my evening hours into at the moment.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. “Science, gaming, and all things in between.” – I can’t not follow something that magical!

  2. Sandplasma says:

    I love the layout and the colors..and the content of course. :D

  3. Brandon Keogh says:

    Really like your minimalist design and colour scheme as well. Also appreciate the way you write; inspiring for me to get on with creating my own which will be quite similar to your themes. That’s in the future though.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the effort you put into this, it’s noted and thanked by others. Also, when you get the time you should write something about your work with data science theory as you’ve explained above.

  4. masirius says:

    I’m a physicist and I love games since my childhood. So it was predestinated I will end up on your website. And I’m happy about that! Nice work, keep going! Thumbs up!

  5. HieronymusAnonymous says:

    I was thinking of writing you a message a few weeks ago, when you hadn’t posted in a year, to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this blog and your reviews. And then, to my delight, you dropped not one but two meaty Best of 2023 posts. Hurrah! All hail the triumphant return of the Scientific Gamer!

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