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Sunday Soundtracks

TIE Fighter.

Yes, I already did TIE Fighter. But I’m resurrecting this series for one week only because I just found these excellent redone versions of the TIE Fighter soundtrack. TIE Fighter’s iMUSE soundtrack was fantastic, but the audio technology of the time did mean it sounded rather more beepy and boopy than it perhaps should have. Just listen to this Pilot Registration music; it really does the original justice.

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Sunday Soundtracks.

How do you make what is essentially a collection of nasty farting noises into a piece of music which is arguably more atmospheric than the orchestral versions imported from the Star Wars films themselves (as they did a couple of years later with X-Wing vs Tie Fighter)? Well, you’d do it something like this.

(Horrible flu prevented me from posting on Friday, but I didn’t really want to write that Steam Greenlight post anyway.)

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