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It’s About The Future, Because That’s Where We’re Going.

After my pathetic begging last week I got asked several questions; thanks if you did so! I’ll be answering them at the rate of about one per week, so I should have them all done by the end of the month.

Adam Benton asks

I know this is a rather difficult question, and one you’ve probably answered before, but what game/tv/film depiction to you think is one of the most accurate glimpses of the future?

For example, on the one hand we have Mass Effect, which postulates some crazy advanced technology but seems to keep it within the laws of physics (as much as I know). On the other hand we have BSG, which has less crazy technology but does have dogfights in space ships which – as your most recent post suggested – is unlikely to happen.

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In The Grim Darkness Of The Far Future There Is Only War.

Innokenti asks

Weapons in space. I imagine Sci-Fi shows lie to us lots about the sort of stuff that might be effective in a space-battle. For example as I understand nukes would only be of minimal use out there in space.

What are the most efficient weapons for space-battles though? (Assuming largely human technology of near-future imagination rather than magic alien energy shields and stuff.)

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Nukes: The Swiss Army Knife Of Hollywood.

 This post stems from a conversation I was having with Josh about the possibility of colonising Mars. I was saying how the major stumbling block would be finding a solution to the solar radiation problem since Mars is geologically dead. We’re protected from all the harmful stuff on Earth by the magnetosphere, which is generated by a spinning liquid iron core that basically acts as a giant electromagnet, but Mars’ internal dynamo – if it ever had one – ceased activity a long time ago. Josh then asked the following question:

“Could we restart it?”

Ahahaha. Ahahahahaha. Ahaha. No.

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