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Violet Club


If you follow UK news at all you’ll know that recently there was a bit of a brouhaha over the Royal Navy’s failed Trident II missile test just off the coast of Florida. Some of the more hysterical accounts of the incident have the missile veering towards the US mainland before self-destructing; these sound a little dubious, but there’s at least a sense of irony to the idea as Trident is a US-developed weapons system. The UK abandoned its own nuclear weapons development program back in 1958 in favour of simply buying the technology from the Americans, and there are some very good reasons why this is so. One of them is Violet Club.

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Our Words Are Backed By Nuclear Weapons!

In which I’m going to do my damndest to get the West’s security services interested in my blog. Hi guys!

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Nukes: The Swiss Army Knife Of Hollywood.

 This post stems from a conversation I was having with Josh about the possibility of colonising Mars. I was saying how the major stumbling block would be finding a solution to the solar radiation problem since Mars is geologically dead. We’re protected from all the harmful stuff on Earth by the magnetosphere, which is generated by a spinning liquid iron core that basically acts as a giant electromagnet, but Mars’ internal dynamo – if it ever had one – ceased activity a long time ago. Josh then asked the following question:

“Could we restart it?”

Ahahaha. Ahahahahaha. Ahaha. No.

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