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Sunday Soundtracks.

Morrowind main theme.

The rest of the soundtrack is the usual plinky-plonky bland Jeremy Soule rubbish, but this is the only case where it’s justified because he was saving it all up for the main theme.

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Thoughts: Skyrim.


Most reviews of Skyrim, if they’re being honest, will start with some sort of disclaimer that states how far the reviewer has gotten into the game and what they have and haven’t done. This is fair enough; while I’d usually prefer that they finish it games journalists are busy people and Skyrim is a huge game. It’s simply not possible for them to see the whole thing if they want to get their review out while it’s still relevant. So most reviews of Skyrim, if they’re being honest, have been written on the basis of a dozen or so hours with the game.


Mine hasn’t.

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