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Thoughts: Tiberian Twilight.

This may end up being slightly incoherent. This is partly due to the fact that I’m writing this at two in the morning on sod-all sleep, but mainly it’s because Tiberian Twilight makes me so angry that it’s kind of hard to think straight.

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In Praise Of: Command & Conquer.

Wait, Command and Conquer? The game that sold hundreds of thousands of copies back in the day? The game that kickstarted the RTS genre as an actual discrete thing and spawned a franchise that is still being flogged to this day, seventeen years later? That Command and Conquer? It’s hardly a forgotten classic, so why would I be talking about it here?

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Sunday Soundtracks.

Command and Conquer.

Something of a companion piece to Warcraft II, since they were the first two games I played on the PC. Hearing video game music that sounded “real” blew my twelve year old mind. As did this.

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