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Sunday Soundtracks

Has AirLand Battle been released yet? I have no idea; as of writing this I’m still back at the start of May playing the multiplayer beta. Hopefully if I reviewed it I did end up mentioning the excellent work that’s been done on the game’s sound, including its music. Listening to it while watching a pair of A-10s desperately strafing a tank column that’s threatening to break through your lines is one of the better experiences I’ve had in recent years.

What can I say, I’m sucker for anything that has heavy amounts of percussion in it.

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Thoughts: AirLand Battle.


First, there was Wargame: European Escalation. Now, almost exactly a year later, there is another one of it. Since I loved the first Wargame I’m more receptive than I might otherwise be to a sequel that’s been turned out in such a short period of time, but if it were another developer and another series I’d probably be inclined to assume that AirLand Battle was a low-effort attempt to cash in on the original game with another made using the same assets. AirLand Battle asks for the full £30 on Steam (although it was 25% off if you already owned the first Wargame and you can pick up a disk copy on Amazon for just £20) and so it was going to have to do more than be a slightly shinier iteration on the Wargame concept in order to justify its asking price. Fortunately – and actually somewhat surprisingly – it delivers in spades.

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