Sunday Soundtracks.

The perfect music to browse and buy 13 different variants of AK-47 by.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Soundtracks.

  1. I wanted to start counting AK variants to understand how you get 13, but then I remembered some interesting stuff. My father met Kalashnikov on work recently and said that he’s still active (mostly writes books and exists as a public person to show anyone who knows anything about engineering and comes to Russia) but paradoxically not prominent. The man who created most famous personal weapon doesn’t have factories, businesses or billions of money. He’s just Russian Lieutenant general – which makes you rich in Russia but not overwhelmlingly so. He has colleagues you’ve never heard of who never were in any conflict (I think), never invented weapon that gets to the Mozambique flag…

    • Hentzau says:

      There’s at least 3 pages’ worth with the 1.13 mod — this is counting carbine versions, AK-74s etc. Also there’s nothing particularly unusual about Kalashnikov not getting much out of his hugely successful rifle design; John Garand didn’t get a huge amount of recognition for providing the US army with the only truly ubiquitous semi-automatic rifle of World War II, and I’m sure there’s other examples that have slipped my mind. The military-industrial complex is an extraordinarily ungrateful master.

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