Sunday Soundtracks.

Have I mentioned how awesome the Freespace 2 intro is yet? The pan up through the atmosphere and through the hole punched in the destroyer’s side — and then the subsequent Colossus reveal — is a great visual trick which is helped immensely by having this little bit of music play over the top of it.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Soundtracks.

  1. Gap Gen says:

    I really wanted to find out what happened with the Shivans in Freespace 2. I kinda like that it believes that space is a mysterious place where shit happens that you don’t understand, and it’s one of those rare games don’t saturate you with tons of pointless lore. But still, colour me intrigued by the ending.

    • Hentzau says:

      It’s better that it was never explained. As Mass Effect showed, unstoppable alien forces that beat the snot out of anyone who has achieved space travel are much less sinister once the curtain has been pulled back.

  2. Another Joe says:

    Pretty awesome music. I’ve always regretted not having played this franchise.

    • Hentzau says:

      It’s not called the greatest space sim ever for nothing, but that verdict is entirely going to depend on how much you like space sims.

      • SuicideKing says:

        “We’re not called the Suicide Kings for nothing, pilot. We earn that name with every mission”


        Whoever still wants to play should check out the stuff happening at the Source Code Project and

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