3 thoughts on “Sunday Soundtracks.

  1. innokenti says:

    Ah, Rise of the Triad! I remember that. I think I may have played through… oh… half of it or so? All in a fug of not understanding in the slightest what was going on or what I was doing. To this day I have no idea, but remember it well.

    • hentzau says:

      It’s a bit of an odd one. It was far more about unabashed, absurd fun than its contemporaries (see the God powerup, and its associated Dog powerup), but it has not aged anywhere near as well thanks to the abstract map textures and “real” enemies.

  2. asdasd says:

    Ah, fun times. It was a bizarre game; my fondest memories of it were reading a secrets and tips FAQ that I found tucked away on the same DOS shareware splatdisc that I got the demo on. It had lots of input and commentary from the devs at (what I think must have been) Apogee, including Tom Hall. Lots of fun anecdotes, including why they made one of the bosses ‘impossible’ to beat without cheating, and how they modelled one of the PCs on the maitre’d at their favourite Chinese restaurant because some of the dev team had a crush on her. I think I still have that CD around somewhere..

    Anyway, nice site you have here! I remember the Gameboys from Hell with fondness.

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