Sunday Soundtracks

Blast Corps. Not even kidding here. Just listen to this.

(Okay maybe not, but how about this. Or this. Or this. Honestly I’m not sure I can think of another game that went through so many musical genres on a crappy console sound chip.)

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Soundtracks

  1. Smurf says:

    Oh man, thanks for reminding me of this. Blast Corps was the best.

    • Hentzau says:

      I want to play a blowing-shit-up game with modern technology. Red Faction Guerilla, but without any guns.

      • Smurf says:

        Blast Corps strikes me as the sort of game that would be perfect for some small indie studio to do a modern homage to. I’m surprised that nobody has tried. It would be a damn sight better than the endless stream of platformers and terrible RPGs that they’re making now.

        • Hentzau says:

          Indies basically need to remake all the games I loved from my childhood. BUT THEY HAD BETTER NOT SUCK OR I’LL HATE THEM FOREVER.

          • Smurf says:

            I love how out of sync with the theme of the game most of the soundtrack is. HUGE BOMB IS OUT OF CONTROL, IT WILL DESTROY THE WORLD. HERE IS SOME PLEASANT COUNTRY MUSIC OR HOW ABOUT SOME UP BEAT TECHNO? Yet it worked so well.

            The nice ‘boombob boombob’ was always a nice counter to my unstoppable rage when, after clearing a path for the tanker, it hit a dynamite block that I’d not used right at the start of the level.

        • Hentzau says:

          It’s all bizarrely appropriate. Like, you wouldn’t expect the Funkotron 3000 here

          to fit with building demolition at all. But somehow it does.

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