Sunday Soundtracks.

Lemmings. Specifically, the Acorn version.

Back before the wondrous digital clarity that dedicated sound cards brought us there were often significant differences in how the same piece of music sounded on different platforms, depending on the abilities of the on-board sound chip at the time. Compare, for example, the Acorn and the Amiga arrangements of the Lemmings signature tune. The Amiga one just sounds wrong to me, even though I’m sure far more people grew up with that than the Acorn version.

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One thought on “Sunday Soundtracks.

  1. asdasd says:

    See also: Megaman’s robot master themes on the NES and Gameboy editions of the games.

    Or the NES Lemmings, for that matter. A long, long way from being the best version, but it’s such a good game that you only need to be, what, 60% faithful to the formula? And you still end up with fine times. Plus, again, the 8-bit chip makes all the midi sound really different.

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