Sunday Soundtracks.


Best use of a string quartet in a video game ever.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Soundtracks.

  1. innokenti says:

    True. Shame about the game.

    (Well, I say that, I enjoyed plenty of it, but I think the steampunk stuff put me off mostly)

  2. aosher says:

    I was under the impression that you weren’t a fan of Arcanum?

    • hentzau says:

      Who, me? No, my beef with Arcanum is a little complicated but I enjoyed it very much up until a certain point. The problem was I’d gone with guns over magic because what the hell this is a steampunk game was I really going to do something else, and guns are severely underpowered compared to magic. I was getting by using a sniper rifle that did a flat 100 points of damage with every shot which at least made it more reliable than the other guns, and then I installed a patched which nerfed it (and my character) into utter uselessness. This was about fifteen hours in, and I *really* didn’t feel like starting again. I’ll go back to it some day, though. When I feel like it.

      • asdasd says:

        Holy crap, I did the exact same thing. Really want to go back to it, too. I wonder if there are any fan mods that balance out the tech side of the game.

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