Jagged Alliance Diary: Housekeeping.

A brief update this week, summarising some filler content between the desperate battle for Chitzena and… well, you’ll see.

Taken Chitzena has given me some options. The way weapon progression works in Jagged Alliance is that the game tracks how many towns you’ve liberated and shovels more guns into Bobby Ray’s shop according to your rate of progress. Seizing the Chitzena mine has given me both new weapon types and the cash with which to buy them, so I immediately buy three Colt Commandos along with 2x scopes for each one. The Commando is an excellent workhorse gun for this stage of the game; not great at long range but I’m not going to be engaging targets that far away until I have some higher power scopes, and it has a ridiculously small readying cost (bringing the gun up to the merc’s shoulder) of just 3AP, as compared to 10-15AP for a regular assault rifle.

While I’m trekking back across to Drassen to collect my shiny new toys, Kenti announces that the time has come for him to leave me forever. I’ll never forgive him. NEVER. Although I at least get his medical deposit back. There’s also another one of these comic interludes, which are starting to get a little bit old.

Anyway, this presents me with a little personnel problem that I solve by hiring two new mercs: sniper Jenny, and stealth specialist Jen. Once they actually arrive in Arulco they’ll be equipped with some cast-off weapons from the more experienced mercs and sent into the fray. Meanwhile the team resumes combing the swamps for this fabled pilot, and after another two days of searching…

Oh. Good. It’s you.

I know this is going to be a bad idea, but what the hell.

Long story short, Sinny can helidrop my team anywhere on the map for a fee but only so long as it’s not covered by a SAM site. Which makes it slightly irritating that the Queen’s forces retook the one I liberated earlier. Next order of business is to un-retake it, and this is an absolutely trivial fight with the new guns; the enemy soldiers have yet to tech up to long-range assault rifles and sniper rifles so I’m alright for the time being.

Ah, that’s much better. While I was doing that a patrol attacked Drassen airport for the umpteenth time, but after the previous skirmishes there David went a little overboard with militia training and there’s now a small army cooling their heels on the tarmac; the patrol is quickly slaughtered.

With the airspace in the north-east of the country now free, I chopper the combat team directly to my next target: Alma, south of Drassen. Clearing the first sector of baddies is easy enough, but this is just the game’s way of suckering me in. After weathering such a brutal start the string of recent victories has made me overconfident. Jagged Alliance is about to make me pay dearly by putting the boot in. Hard.

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  1. aosher says:

    I am suddenly worried for Josh. Not because of the enemies; because I know what having Jenny on your side feels like.

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