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What’s A Games Journalism, Precious?

Instead of Sunday Soundtracks, today I’m going to do some personal writing about the concept of games journalism. I’ve been in two minds about publishing it since to comment on this particular argument is to become part of it, and I’m not sure that’s where I really want to be when it’s so needlessly navel-gazing. Still, I have certain Views about games writing in general and this is as good an opportunity as ever to air them.

So unless you’re literally the ambulatory mummified remains of the dead Egyptian priest Imhotep you’ll probably have noticed the minor kerfuffle over a certain article on Eurogamer. This article was penned by one Rab Florence, a well-known games writer responsible for the Consolevania series of review shows, and in it he did what somebody in the games journalism industry does from time to time: he pointed out the gross level of dependence the business has on friendly relationships with PR reps/companies, and asked whether perhaps this overly reliant relationship might compromise the integrity of journalists who take part in it. The results were predictable.

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