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Thoughts: Planetside 2.

Planetside 2 has not had the best of launches. New players logged on to new servers in a new game to be greeted with crashes and glitches and lags and queues that made that game nigh-unplayable. It wasn’t pretty – or acceptable, even if the game is free to play – but I’ve seen this sort of thing before with many an MMO launch and knew it would be unfair to judge Planetside based on its disastrous first few days of life. So I left it for a week, then dove back in with a character made on one of the less rammed European servers (Lithcorp) to see if things had improved at all.

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It’s Not Miller Time: Planetside 2 EU Launch.

I have no particular axe to grind with Planetside 2. While I was hoping it would be everything the developers promised I wasn’t really invested in the idea of Planetside, particularly since I have no experience with the original. It sounds fun, sure, but there’s plenty of other stuff I could be doing with my time, and so it’s no skin off my nose if it turns out to be a flop. In that context it might seem odd to be doing the Angry Internet Man thing of bitching about the latest screwed-up MMO launch if I don’t really have any stake in it. But I think what’s going on with Planetside’s EU launch is interesting. It’s interesting because of the peculiar status of Sony Online’s European operations, and it’s interesting because it’s a perfect storm of bad decisions that are directly contributing to the slapshod and laggy performance of the game on European servers.  So if you have a spare ten minutes I’d like you to follow me down the rabbit hole to have a look at possibly the textbook case of How Not To Launch Your MMO (In Europe).

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