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Thoughts: Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition.

A review of a rerelease of a 15 year-old game on Steam. What has the world come to?

There’s plenty of old games on Steam these days. GoG has many of them cheaper and more easily moddable to work with newer operating systems, but Steam is the more appealing platform if you’re a developer/publisher both because of the large in-built audience and the DRM. This means it’s Steam which gets a lot of the XBLA HD rereleases like NiGHTs (which I will get around to downloading and playing one of these days), and it also gets Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition1, an update of the original Baldur’s Gate (and expansion) to work on modern computers at modern display resolutions with a whole host of bugfixes and even some extra content.

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  1. After Beamdog tried to release it on their own proprietary digital distribution platform, only to discover that no-one wanted to buy it there.
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