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Thoughts: Reaper of Souls.

Shifting this week’s post to Wednesday, probably, Thursday, definitely, since I need a little more time to digest Age of Wonders.


Like I said in the Diablo 3 review two years ago: this is going to be complicated.

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Diablog: Torchlight 2.

INTERIOR: A well-lit tavern. The sound of quaffing and carousing fills the air, along with the twangs of some unmentionable stringed instrument. The camera focuses in on one table to reveal three men deep in discussion. Observing the noble cut of their clothes, the fine pleating of their beards and the ostentatious jangle of their chains and jewellery, one would suppose these gentlemen to be talking of matters of great import, of the rise of kingdoms or the fall of grain prices. We zoom in further, to reveal they’re…talking about Torchlight 2.

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Diablo III Is Pretty Awesome.

It’s also cut my productivity to sod-all, unfortunately. There will be Lagrange post tomorrow, and then nothing till next Monday. Sorry!

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