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Thoughts: Carrier Command.

Oh dear. I did so hope this was going to be good. I never played the original Carrier Command what with not having crawled out of the primordial ooze along with the choanoflagellates and eurkaryotes all those eons ago. However I did play the 2001 homage, Hostile Waters. Hostile Waters was a very difficult game, but the Warren Ellis-penned storyline, the cast of Brit sci-fi actors and the chip-stored personalities of the soldiers all meshed together with the action strategy gameplay rather well and ensured I still think fondly of it today despite never managing to beat the ridiculously hard final mission. Bohmeia Interactive’s remake of Carrier Command had a lot to live up to if it was ever going to match the reputation of the original, let alone Hostile Waters. Carrier Command: Pointless Subtitle certainly looks the part, with the best graphics Bohemia can throw at it as well as dynamic weather effects adding a frisson of unpredictability to the environment, but how does it play?

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