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Thoughts: Shank.

Back in the day, when Penny Arcade were still relevant and somewhat funny, they made what has now become a rather well-known comic about Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. This comic mocked the game for switching tone from the lovely Arabian fantasy of Sands of Time to a dark, grim, XXXTREME style designed to appeal to the fourteen-year old idiot demographic. I chuckled at the comic at the time. It was a decent bit of humour, and the line “I smoulder with generic rage” was good enough to pass into the general vocabulary of the internet. Little did I know that somewhere out there there was somebody else looking at this comic, and thinking “Wow, that looks like an awesome idea for a game!” This is a review of Shank, and so you’re not going to be at all surprised to learn that Shank is the game this person eventually made.

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