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Thoughts: Rage 2


Some of my friends have asked me why I even bought Rage 2, since I didn’t exactly enjoy the original and the sequel wasn’t looking like anything special from the previews. My answer to them was that I just wanted to blast things with a shotgun for a few hours, as that’s a genre that’s been somewhat underserved this year (so far), but the real reason is that I really, really wanted to open the review with a “You can’t spell average without Rage” joke.

Unfortunately this makes Rage 2 doubly disappointing, as it’s turned out to have fallen some considerable way short of even that rather dubious target.

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Thoughts: Just Cause 3


I wanted to see 2015 out with a bang. Just Cause 3 more than delivered.

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Thoughts: Just Cause 2.


It’s puzzled me for a while that these days, if you want to play a GTA game, the last thing you actually want to do is play a GTA game. The GTA franchise has become bloated with its own self-importance, with the developers preferring to tell tedious gangland stories in the not-so-charming delusion that they are auteur filmmakers while the vehicle-based mayhem the series made such an impact with all those years ago has been firmly relegated to the back seat. It’s telling that this gap in the market is now being filled by a whole raft of pretenders to the GTA throne, which try to sell themselves on the open-world sandbox gameplay rather than plot. Mercenaries was the most effective one (with the apt subtitle Playground of Destruction), and then Saints Row 2 (never played it), and now there is Just Cause 2.

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