On Holiday.

I’ve gotten fairly heavily involved in my local university’s space school this year, and my preparation for the activities I’m going to be running there is taking up all the mental RAM I usually use to write science posts. Rather than keep things limping along on a couple of gaming posts per week I’m just going to take a short break. If you are one of my seven regular readers, thanks for sticking with me so far! I’ll be doing some thinking during the downtime about where I want to take this blog in the long-term, but I should hopefully be back next Monday.

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4 thoughts on “On Holiday.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you have at least a /few/ more than seven. *laughing* But we’ll manage to do without you for a week or so, somehow.

    Enjoy your break.


  2. Smurf says:

    I’m going on holiday next week and my number one concern was that I was going to miss some blog posts on here. I’m glad that has been averted and I can relax while I’m away.

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