Christmas Again.


I’m on my Christmas holiday for the next couple of weeks, so this blog may be quieter than usual until the new year. “Usual” already being pretty quiet compared to 2012, of course; it turns out being in full-time employment sucks away all of your time and energy and leaves you a withered, lifeless husk of a human being whose atrophied claws are hardly capable of accurate touch-typing. I’ve been toying with the idea of maybe starting fortnightly science posts again next year since I feel like I’m losing my edge a bit when it comes to the physics, but it’s probable this will go the way of all resolutions. In the meantime I’d like to thank my regular readers — in defiance of all logic and sanity, I do have a few — for their comments and conversations over the last year; your feedback is greatly valued and one of the reasons why I still scrape up the time to sit down for a couple of hours each week to bang out a game review. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year, and we shall see what the future holds for the Scientific Gamer.

15 thoughts on “Christmas Again.

  1. Strudel says:

    Whilst I don’t often comment I do enjoy reading the posts and comments. I do hope they continue through 2014; they’re very much enjoyed. Happy Chrimble and Year Change

  2. Rilmo says:

    Never commented, but I’m certainly a regular reader. Just wanted to say that I love the blog, keep it up and wish you a great Christmas and New Year too.

  3. I’ve only been reading here for the past year (although I’ve gone through your archives quite thoroughly), but this is by far my most enjoyable source for gaming reviews, at least from ones that I don’t write for.

    What ever happened to the science though? Bring the science back!

    • Hentzau says:

      The short answer: they take a large amount of time and energy to write, and I got out of the habit of writing them. I’m thinking if I take a large enough runup I might be able to batter my way back into it, though.

  4. Feet says:

    Merry Christms Hent.

  5. Darren says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Your blog continues to be a bright spot on my favorites menu!

    Oh, I also posted a reply to your (now very old) Hobbit review. Short version: you were right about the Extended Edition. So bask in being proven right a year out!

    • Hentzau says:

      Funny story: I got the Extended Edition for Christmas for the behind the scenes documentaries which are, once again, absolutely superb and several times more interesting than the actual film, which I haven’t bothered to watch yet.

  6. Gap Gen says:

    You do write good words, and should write more of them. Christmas!

  7. Hentzau says:

    Thanks for the Christmas wishes, everyone!

  8. Ev says:

    I stumbled across this blog and almost immediately added it to my “must check on regularly” list as I devoured the archives. The combo of Science and Gaming is great, not to mention the quality of the writing. Do you plan to expand XCOM 101 and the very useful tech tree with the new stuff from Enemy Within?

  9. pertusaria says:

    Thanks for keeping this going! I have huge respect for your persistence, as I’m familiar with the withered, lifeless husk problem. More science posts would be great, but do what you have to do to keep posting something, please. :-)

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