Can anyone lend me $4.1 million.

Because I want to buy Richard Garriott’s house.

The manor’s medieval design reflects Garriott’s interest in the era. The house is adorned with various medieval items such as crossbows, swords, and armour. It features traps and a network of secret passages and rooms. A secret room in the basement contains some of Garriott’s most treasured artifacts, including dinosaur fossils, a coffin with a human skeleton inside it, and an authentic 16th century vampire hunting kit. The house also features other collections such as hairs from the Glacier snowman, a brick from the Great Wall of China, a Russian spacesuit, and three stained glass windows retrieved from an abandoned church.

The house also has an observatory in the main complex. Although part of the house, it is structurally independent from the rest of the house in order to damp out vibrations, as they ruin long-exposure space photos.

There is a working cannon at the front door and an indoor grotto with hot-and-cold-running rain showers

One thought on “Can anyone lend me $4.1 million.

  1. Yann says:

    You could certainly do worse for 4 million. I bet most millionaires don’t have houses this dope.

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